Season 2019-2020 year


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Evaluation of our work

Iskra tier1 


Season 2017-2018 year 

 Iskra Mozart RW 

 Iskra Mozart Best DRX

 Iskra LaLa Land Best Bi color

 Iskra LaLa Land Best DRX


Season 2014-2015








Season 2013-2014







Season 2012-2013

New Grand Champion of Cattery

 Season 2012-2013





2013 year

Show CFA, Russia, Reutov, oktober 27 

Iskra's Zhar Ptitsa, was relased in six finals.



Show Russia, Moskow, EXPOKOT-2013

Iskra's Zhar Ptitsa

CFA: was relased in seven finals.

FIFE: nom. BEST of BEST.


Show Russia, Reutov, september 7-8 

Iskra's Zhar Ptitsa, 

ASK: BEST OF BEST first day, second days - BEST OF BEST second place.

CFA: was relased in six finals.




Show CFA Germany, Bremen-2013, august 3-4  

Iskra's Sebastian Bach - GRAND CHAMPION CFA.

ISKRA'S ZHAR-PTITSA was relased in five finals.



Show results 2012:


Raya's Vita of Iskra won the title GRAND CHAMPION CFA.



Iskra Berlioz has 4th place in the 9-th Region.

Iskra Sebastian Bach has 11 in the 9-th Region.


Christmas show Chatte Noir Club

CFA Show December 22, Moskow

The results of our cats:

Vita was 252 Grand Points, won for one show title Grand Champion CFA!

Berlioz was relased four finals out of six.



 Show CFA&WCF December 1-2, 2012 in Moskow

The results of our cats:


Sebastian Bach in CFA was relased in two finals of the eigth.

Berlioz in CFA in three finals out of eigth.

Vita in CFA in four finals out of eight.



Berlioz: Ex1, Ex1, Special Monobreed Show - BEST JUNIOR.

Vita: Ex1, Ex1, CAC, CAC, Sprcial Monobreed Show - Second Place.



October 6-7, 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia, the exhibition "Aurora Cat Club"

CFA exhibited in two of our kittens:


Second Best of Breed kitten on four rings of the ten


Best of Breed kitten on seven rings of the ten and Second Best of Breed on three rings.

Nominated in six finals.


September 1-2, 2012 in Moscow, Russia, the exhibition "Parade of Stars 2012"

CFA exhibited in two of our kittens:




ISKRA'S SEBASTIAN BACH - nominated in six of the eight finals.

ISKRA'S BERLIOZ - nominated in all eight finals, and in three of them it was the first place.

According to the results of the finals ISKRA'S BERLIOZ received BEST OF BEST KITTEN exhibition.

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