We are glad to see you here at the web-site for our Devonians nursery "ISKRA".

  Our nursery is registered at sistem CFA №224496.

  My name is Elena and I am the inspeirer and a creator of this mono-breed nursery.

  My husband and I fell in love with these unusual creatures and we are sure they love

us in return.

  Despite the fact, that genetically, the Devon-rex breed belongs to the cat family,

I find it difficult to call it a "cat". Mostly its because of the differences in its

appearance and behaviour in comparison with a usual cat.

  So much is written about these differences so there is no need to say it again.

  Moreover, the fact that Devon-rex cats can live together with people suffering

from different allergies makes them outstanding amongst all the 200 types of cats.

  You can't get to know Devon-rex by just looking at their pictures and reading

articles about them. To really get to know this breed, you surely have to look at them

in person and I'm sure you will be deeply touched.

  When your lovely pet meets you after you come back home, you forget about all your

problems. That's because they are fully devoted to you and can't lie or betray you.

Of course the care and kindness that you pay to them will be repaid to you in turn.

  Unfortunately, the Devon-rex breed is not known so muth in all countries and its

population is very low. Just imagine how much joy and happiness they could bring to

a person's home!

  We are ready to share the part of our happiness with you. In our nursery we are

breeding the small heavenly creatures, giving them our care and love.

  As a result, you can also get one of these funny creature, whith are adaptated to

living in modern house.

  If you look at these pictures and you find yourself fascinated by their appearance,

you chose the right thing. Devon-rex cats are magical and have amazing power.

  Believe us - once you take them into your hands and stroke them, you will surely

feel a part of their energy.

  Welcome to the world of Devon-rex!


Elena Sakharova, Owner of "ISKRA" nursery.

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